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Ansul R102 System – No.1 for Kitchen Fire Suppression – Why?

Posted on 16 Apr 2014

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The Ansul R102 Kitchen Fire Suppression System is the World’s Number 1 Kitchen Fire Suppression System for a number of important reasons.


The Ansul System is an extremely reliable system once it is maintained by and Authorised Ansul Distributor in accordance with Ansul’s Maintenance Schedule.

It does not require electrical power, depending instead on a mechanical mechanism to detect fires and to actuate the system. An animation of the system in action can be seen here

The system fires automatically through a system of fusible links, that melt at a pre-defined temperature, causing a gas cartridge within the stainless steel Ansul Automan Assembly as shown in the image here to pressurise the Ansul 3 Gallon Tank and propel the Ansulex Wet Chemical through the distribution pipework and spray down the length of the kitchen canopy, up into the extract ducting and over the various cooking appliances covered by the Ansul Nozzles.

Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression SystemOther Kitchen Fire Suppression System require an electrical power supply or are pressurised all the time. The Ansul R102 System only pressurises when required.

If one keeps their Ansul Fire Suppression System maintained, the system will continue to provide the best kitchen fire protection in the industry for many, many years.


The Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression System utilises the patented Ansulex Wet Chemical. Ansulex works in a number of ways on fat fires. Firstly it does not cause splash back from the fat fire. The Ansulex causes a reaction with fat, where by a process called saponifcation occurs. This process causes a rubber like blanket to cover the fat fryer, preventing re-flash.  Secondly the Ansulex cools the fire, ensuring the fat is brought back down below its auto ignition temperature. This is all achieved without the need for kitchen staff to fight the fire with portable extinguishers or fire blankets.

This video shows exactly how effective a fire blanket is on a fat fryer fire compared to the Ansul R102 Kitchen Fire Suppression System.


Due to the mechanical design of the Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression System, it is extremely cost effective when compared other systems in the market place.


The Ansul System is covered by a 5 Year Limited Warranty. In addition, through Ansul’s Authorised Distributor Network, you are guaranteed to have a trained engineer fit your Ansul System.

How to Contact us for advice or a quotation

KSS Fire Suppression are Ireland’s No.1 Authorised Ansul Distributor. You can click through to our website here to download the Ansul Brochure, Data Sheets and find our contact details.

You can also email me, Finian Quinn, directly at fin@ansul.ie