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Fire Extinguisher Engineer 3 day Accredited Course

Posted on 12 Jan 2015


Mechanical Fire Safety Engineering Three Day workshop



Course Title:

Third Party Accredited Mechanical Fire Safety Engineering Three Day workshop which are titled Fire Safety Workshop Series 2015


      • Portable Fire Fighting Extinguishers
      • Fire Fighting Hose Reels
      • Dry Risers
      • Hydrants


Applicable to and Why:

The course is applicable to all who are actively involved with the Recommendation/Selection, Installation, Inspection, Service and Maintenance of the above listed equipment

The course is designed to help understand the Statutory Safety Legislation, Regulations & Competency obligations within the specific areas.

The scope of the Fire Extinguisher maintenance workshop is based on best practice in the Irish Fire Protection industry with a baseline on technical standards incorporating Irish Standard 291 (2002) and Irish Standard EN 3 (2007).

The programme style is based on a balance between practical workshop experience over forty years and a baseline of the current (2014) research and development of  Fire Protection standards and specification development


Course Director & Tutor Mr Brendan Kavanagh

M.I.F.S.M – M.I.E.T. – C.M.I.O.S.H – G.I Fire Engineers – M.I.H.E.E.M

Chartered Fire Safety Practitioner &

Professional Fire Prevention Officer

  • Mr Brendan Kavanagh, Chartered Safety Practitioner, has been approved as a JOIFF accredited Training Provider 

Accreditation & Certification


Full JOIFF accreditation requires an examination of the three pillars that make up effective provision of training, courses/programmes, Instruction and establishment/organisation including facilities. All aspects together must be to the required standard and the applicant organisation must demonstrate proprietary ownership of all 3 pillars for JOIFF accreditation to be awarded.


Each student on a JOIFF accredited course whom the Instructors assess as competent shall be issued by Mr Brendan Kavanagh, Chartered Safety Practitioner with a JOIFF accredited certificate of Competence signed by an authorised person.

Workshop style

Conference room electronic with supporting practical exercises. It is recommended that participants bring a Laptop or similar device capable of receiving Wi-Fi, (Wi-Fi facility available in the hotel) all of the workshop presentation slides and guides are published and distributed electronically in PDF. Format

All participants will be required to subscribe to a risk management and safety culture which requires all participants during practical workshop sessions and demonstrations to ensure their personal safety in respect to Eye, Hand and Foot protection

All of the Workshop sessions will commence at 0900hrs and finish at 1700hrs each day. As the Workshop is certified and third party accredited by JOIFF which requires assessment of the participants during the workshop sessions and whereby each participant will be required to undertake project work between attendance days which will form a significant aspect of the assessment to enable the presentation of an individual certificate .

Note: Firetrade.ie is fully independent and is not a member or accredited by any third party Association.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression and Canopy & Duct Cleaning/Hygiene Symposium By KSS

Posted on 12 Jan 2015

Invitation to attend “Commercial Kitchen Canopy and Duct Fire Suppression and Hygiene Safety Symposium” in The Bewleys Hotel, Newlands Cross, Dublin @ 10.30am 0n Tuesday the 20th of March 2015.


The aim of the Symposium is to amongst other items update on current Fire and Hygiene Safety Standards, Best Practice and assist in understanding the reason to comply with statutory provisions.


The Symposium will explain, expand and promote the recommendation/maintenance and servicing of Commercial Kitchen Canopy and Ducts from a Fire Safety point of view.


Divided into 2 distinct sections the Symposium will deal with both Canopy Fire Suppression and Canopy & Duct Cleaning/Hygiene




The benefits to employer, trade suppliers and anyone working in the Area of Fire Safety and aiding to develop “Competency and Confidence” in understanding the Fire safety obligations.


As an Employer/Consultant/Specifier providing Fire Safety Services understand your “Duty of Care” in making sure you, your staff and your clients benefit by education.


Over the past number of years the market conditions have changed and the emphasis is on Knowledge and Liability.


Starting with complimentary Tea & Coffee at 10.30am, the Fire Safety Symposium will start at 11.00am sharp and ending in a Questions and Answers session from 12.30pm to 1.00pm.


To secure your seat please RSVP tofin@kssfiresuppression.ieasap, Spaces are limited.