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The Solution to Restricted Movements on FM200 – Halons – FE13 – FE36

Posted on 2 Nov 2014


The following Applies to Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and Greenhouse Gases, in the Fire Suppression Industry it applies to the following Greenhouse Gases – FM200, FE 36, FE 13 and the following ODS – Halon 1211 and 1301

If you are working in the area of Fire Suppression or indeed own or are responsible for a Fire Suppression System this will be of critical importance to you, this relates specifically to storing waste, returned or recovered Fire Suppression Gases in the Rep of Ireland.

Please note: There are absolutely no exemptions to the following

Halon – FM200 – FE36 – FE13 & Refrigerant Gases, these are all either Halons or Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases and require Licenses/Certificates/Authorisations for Recovery/Transport/Storage and Shipping.

Whether taking any of the above for waste/Service Exchange the restrictions apply – TO EVERYONE

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

“The collection and transport of waste, returned or recovered ozone depleting substances (refrigerant gases and halons) is controlled, to ensure environmental protection and compliance with waste law (the same requirements apply also to the collection and transport of waste, returned or recovered fluorinated greenhouse gases). A position paper on this subject has been published by the EPA and should be consulted by all operators handling such waste gases.

This means that the collection and transport of waste, returned or recovered ozone depleting substances can only be carried on by a person that meets one of the following requirements:-

  • Has made a Prior Annual Notification to the Environmental Protection Agency, and where that Prior Annual Notification has been acknowledged by the Agency or
  • Holds a valid Waste Collection Permit for the area(s) in which collections are taking place and for the waste types that cover ozone depleting substances (relevant EWC codes may include: 140601*, 160504*, among others).

“Waste, returned or recovered refrigerant gases, halons and fluorinated greenhouse gases must be brought to an authorised facility i.e. a facility that has either a licence from the Environmental Protection Agency, or a Waste Facility Permit or Certificate of Registration from the relevant local authority”

Please see the link below for further confirmation with the EPA website:    http://www.epa.ie/air/airenforcement/ozone/wasteodspriorannualnotifications/


Prosecution is an important part of environmental law enforcement. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) encourages individuals and businesses to integrate good environmental practices into normal working methods and seeks to prevent environmental pollution before it has a chance to occur.  Where pollution does occur the EPA aims to seek redress for environmental pollution and avoid a recurrence.  Where the circumstances warrant it, immediate prosecution will be pursued.


In order to provide this complete in house service a company must have achieved a range of licenses and Certificates from Government, Local Government and EU Monitoring/Controlling Bodies.

What we have done in order to offer the trade a service that complies with all of the above.

Having foreseen the impending controls and restrictions we have taken the necessary measure to ensure that we can offer a fully compliant service for the

collection and transport of waste, returned or recovered ozone depleting substances (refrigerant gases and halons) that are controlled, to ensure environmental protection and compliance with waste law.

Over the past 2 years we have contracted relevant consultancy and invested a great deal of time and finance in order to achieve a cradle to grave service.

Authorised facility at 78A Cookstown Industrial Estate, Tallaght, Dublin 24

In addition to the transport/recovery we have also taken additional measures by being granted a “Certificate of Registration” by South Dublin County Council on its site at 78A Cookstown Industrial Estate, Tallaght, Dublin 24.

Certificate No:   COR-DS-14-0002-01

This permitted activity allows for the following:

“Operate a Facility for the reception and temporary storage of waste, returned or recovered refrigerant gases in refrigerant containers, halons in halon containers and fluorinated greenhouse gases in fluorinated greenhouse gas containers”

Registered to Transport

We are also listed under the Prior Annual Notification Scheme – PAN with the EPA for the transport of these gases when incidental to the activities.

Registered to Ship Internationally (Cross Border)

We have successfully registered with the National Trans Frontier Office (TFS) as an “Authorised Broker/Dealer” in accordance with Waste Management (Registration of Brokers and Dealers) Regulations 2008 S.I. No.113 of 2008.

Certificate No: IRE/AO38/16

Don’t get caught out. If you have any Halons, FE’s or Refrigerant Gases we can provide a fully Licensed/Certified solution to take care of it for you.

Dedicated to Compliancy

KSS Fire Suppression is now the only Fire Suppression Company that is fully certified to carry out FM200, Fe 36, Fe 13 Service Exchange directly in accordance with the control guidelines set out by the EPA and National TFS in the Rep of Ireland.

If you have a requirement please do not hesitate to contact us, we offer a fully compliant, time effective and cost efficient way to negotiate the movement of your gas.