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Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression and Canopy & Duct Cleaning/Hygiene Symposium By KSS

Posted on 12 Jan 2015

Invitation to attend “Commercial Kitchen Canopy and Duct Fire Suppression and Hygiene Safety Symposium” in The Bewleys Hotel, Newlands Cross, Dublin @ 10.30am 0n Tuesday the 20th of March 2015.


The aim of the Symposium is to amongst other items update on current Fire and Hygiene Safety Standards, Best Practice and assist in understanding the reason to comply with statutory provisions.


The Symposium will explain, expand and promote the recommendation/maintenance and servicing of Commercial Kitchen Canopy and Ducts from a Fire Safety point of view.


Divided into 2 distinct sections the Symposium will deal with both Canopy Fire Suppression and Canopy & Duct Cleaning/Hygiene




The benefits to employer, trade suppliers and anyone working in the Area of Fire Safety and aiding to develop “Competency and Confidence” in understanding the Fire safety obligations.


As an Employer/Consultant/Specifier providing Fire Safety Services understand your “Duty of Care” in making sure you, your staff and your clients benefit by education.


Over the past number of years the market conditions have changed and the emphasis is on Knowledge and Liability.


Starting with complimentary Tea & Coffee at 10.30am, the Fire Safety Symposium will start at 11.00am sharp and ending in a Questions and Answers session from 12.30pm to 1.00pm.


To secure your seat please RSVP tofin@kssfiresuppression.ieasap, Spaces are limited.